From Matanzas to France: Human Reflexes

From Matanzas to France: Human Reflexes
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16 July 2023
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This is the title of the bi-personal exhibition on display until August 7 at the Lorenzo Padilla solidarity gallery, of the French foundation of equal name, located in the city of Courtenay.

Small-format works by the visual artist Adrián Gómez Sancho and photographer Claudia Padrón Gómez, both from Matanzas, are presented to the French public to express Cuban daily life from different techniques, photography, and painting.

According to Gómez Sancho, "the invitation arose in 2019 during the XIII Havana Biennial in the province of Matanzas." It happened after several meetings, and thanks to the close, artistic and supportive relationship of the Lorenzo Padilla Foundation with the city of Matanzas, with the aim of "showing our work and sharing experiences and, above all, intertwining Cuban and French cultures."

However, the official invitation made by the founder of the Foundation, David Padilla, and its president, Marie Padilla, could not be carried out immediately because the Covid-19 pandemic stopped all processes, until, after the world situation was alleviated, It was this year when the project was carried out.

Likewise, Gómez Sancho tells us that the title Reflejos Humanos “suggests the connection between the works of both and highlights the focus on the representation of the human figure in different art media. In addition, the inclusion of the term Reflections alludes to introspection and psychological exploration present in both photographic portraits and anthropomorphic paintings.

“The Human Reflections exhibition —continues— plunges us into a fascinating journey through the representation of the human figure in different artistic forms”. With the techniques used, both explore the complexity of the human condition and invite us to reflect on our own nature. The term Reflexes is an emotional bridge that connects with the psyche, and reveals deep aspects of the human experience. He also affirms that from that inner gaze they intend to create a direct and personal dialogue with each viewer, inviting them to explore their own identity and emotions.

The exhibition is made up of five large-format canvases made with a mixed technique, "like acrylic, oil, oil pastel, charcoal, and they have inserted resources and symbols such as the Cuban currency, the horseshoe, and checkers' chips that are already some of the most recurring characters in my work”. Part of these canvases belong to the exhibition Universos, el gran viaje, works that make up the CD-Universos by the Cuban troubadour Tony Ávila, and which were previously exhibited in the provincial gallery, Pedro Esquerré, and later a selection of them was adapted to the stage for a concert by the singer-songwriter at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Havana.

For their part, the five photographs by Padrón Gómez “in medium format printed on Dibond and photographic paper, approached different concepts. His inspiration and his artistic projects revolve around the nostalgia of oblivion, the decontextualization and reinterpretation of personal and everyday objects; it also brings us closer to the composition of the inner world of homes and unpredictable social settings”.

The photographer “uses documentary and conceptual photography to tell ephemeral stories, heal anxieties, express intimate emotions and portray mythological characters. She is also interested in the Cuban social crisis ”.

Thus, canvases and photographs make up the Human Reflections exhibition, a kind of dialogue in the same space, in order to project towards the viewer "the constant search, the detail of each texture, shape, color."

For Gómez Sancho it’s “a unique experience, our stay has been beneficial for our artistic development and for learning about another culture. Being able to visit different sites, museums and appreciate every detail, I think, increases our intellectual range”.

“Carrying out this exhibition in the Foundation's own Gallery has been special,” says Gómez Sancho, “the support provided and the professionalism has been wonderful and solid. The Solidarity Boutique (Gallery) located in Courtenay, France, together with its public, respected and knowledgeable, has overflowed a warm and very Cuban atmosphere. We are very pleased to observe the harmony between works and spectator”.

"What are we waiting for? May the exhibition be liked by the public, may this project be the beginning of others, and may Cuban culture continue to rise. We thank the Lorenzo Padilla Foundation, the Cuban Embassy in France, and all the people who made it possible."

“This exhibition Human Reflections adds a great experience and infinite joy to our curriculum” —he concludes.

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