Evo Morales highlights publication of biography of Fidel Castro

Evo Morales highlights publication of biography of Fidel Castro
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18 August 2022
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La Paz, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) Former President Evo Morales highlighted in a tweet the presentation of the biography of Fidel Castro by the writer Katiuska Blanco, who was present along with the Cuban ambassador to Bolivia, Danilo Sanchez.

“(We are) Very honored and moved by the presentation of the book “Fidel” written by sister Katiuska Blanco,” Morales tweeted.

The former president invited the Bolivian youth “to read this biography, which summarizes the revolutionary thought of the commander of the Cuban and Latin American revolution.”

Regarding the work, the author explained that it was created on the basis of more extensive studies, of larger volumes, and stated that the book was intended as a brief approximation of the life of Fidel Castro.

“It is impossible to write such an intense life in such a small space, not only because of the erudition of his thought, but because of what he lived through, with great struggles and extraordinary works as a revolutionary on a global scale and as a statesman whom Che Guevara expressed that he admired extraordinarily,” she said.

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