Illegitimate Bolivian government attempts to sue Evo Morales

Illegitimate Bolivian government attempts to sue Evo Morales
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25 November 2019
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The illegitimate government of Bolivia has introduced a criminal lawsuit against President Evo Morales, exiled in Mexico, for alleged sedition, terrorism and three other crimes.

The accusations were filed by Arturo Murillo, appointed as Interior Minister by the coup-installed government.  They are based on the recording of an alleged telephone conversation between Morales and a leader of the Tropic of Cochabamba identified as Faustino Yucra.  According to the audio, the head of Movement to Socialism allegedly urges Yucra to organize blockades in the country to demand the resignation of Senator Jeanine Áñez, the self-proclaimed interim president.

"Unfortunately we are under terrorist harassment that wants to kill Bolivians from hunger and we will not allow it," said Murillo, when he left the Prosecutor's Office.

Morales, on the other hand, has indicated that this accusation against him is false and corresponds to an attempt to harm him after the undemocratic affront that is brewing in his country.

"For the social movements that fight for life and democracy, the Prosecutor's Office initiates ex officio investigations, seeded evidence and manipulated recordings, but for 30 brothers shot in Bolivia, there is no investigation, anyone responsible or detained," the indigenous president tweeted.

Regarding the criminal complaint, Attorney General Juan Lanchipa informed the press that an investigation has been initiated to verify the accuracy of the audio.  He said they asked the Bolivian state-owned telecommunications company Entel for data to determine if the telephone number through which communication was established "belongs to the State or is for private use."

Lanchipa also reported that they will notify the Mexican Foreign Ministry about the investigation against Morales.

Edited by Ed Newman

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