Bridges of Love denounced violence against U.S activists

Bridges of Love denounced violence against U.S activists
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27 February 2023
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Washington, Feb 27 (RHC) The organizer of the Bridges of Love solidarity project, Carlos Lazo, on Sunday denounced violence against activists who prepared a peaceful caravan in the US city of Miami to demand Washington stop coercive measures against Cuba.

As the Seattle-based Cuban professor reported on his official Facebook account, people threw themselves against the cars that were participating in the demonstration and ripped off Cuban and American flags they were carrying.

Lazo mentioned that at that time no police officer was around to guarantee the protection of the group, although the Bridges of Love members constantly receive threats for their solidarity with Cuba.

He added that in the middle of the incident, there was even someone who pushed an old man who joined the peaceful protest.

Despite this, the Bridges of Love coordinator stressed that this type of behavior is not going to stop the actions or intimidate them.

On Sunday, Cuban emigres and people of goodwill participated in a demonstration to demand the removal of Cuba from the list of Sponsors of Terrorism that is arbitrarily prepared by the White House.

From Miami, Seattle, New York, and Minneapolis, in the US, and other cities around the world, messages were sent in favor of rapprochement between the two peoples. (Source: PL)

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