Revealed US Involvement on the Assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador

Revealed US Involvement on the Assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador
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14 May 2024
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The Ecuadorian government's assault on the Mexican Embassy in Quito was an operation directed by the United States government, sources based in that country report.

According to the media, the main objective of the operation was to create an electoral political strategy aimed at strengthening the image of the current president of the South American nation, Daniel Noboa.

Secondly, the machination of the northern government sought to negatively affect President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since the Morena party is leading the electoral contest in the Aztec nation. After the assault, opposition forces began to manage lines of attack and crises around his administration.

For those who carried out the actions, the message to be transmitted was loud and clear: the Noboa government is willing to cross any red line to crush Correism and make them disappear as a political force.

They told Noboa that, “a possible imminent escape of Jorge Glas, similar to what happened in 2023 with the former Correista Minister María de los Ángeles Duarte, who was taking refuge in the Argentine Embassy, would make his government look ridiculous and bury his aspiration for re-election, with an almost certain defeat in the popular consultation,” warns analyst Katu Arkonada.

The assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador had the prior consent of the United States Embassy, the State Department, and the CIA. The latter prepared in advance, together with Ecuadorian elite units, the capture operation of former vice president Jorge Glas. In addition, it provided information about the politician's location, acquired through illegal means.

The military assault team was made up of foreign troops and advisors, who intervened wearing hoods and uniforms without official insignia, at the same time that the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United States remained in constant communication with the State Department during the development of the operation.

Although the US publicly condemned the attack, the imperialist power agreed to limit the economic and political impact of the maneuver for Noboa and his allies. Under evaluation are “the questioning within the United Nations Security Council of Ecuador as a member (observer) country for violating international law, and instigating a diplomatic conflict with another nation” and “the loss of prestige and international leadership,” which contradicts the recognition that hosting the next Ibero-American Summit represents.

In a context of the emergence of new Latin American right-wing governments, events like this aim to keep the tense environment in the region, to prevent organizations like CELAC from being reactivated.

The interference of the United States in the affairs of other countries and the recolonizing intention of their aspirations are once again revealed.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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