New York: A City Rich in Corpses

New York: A City Rich in Corpses
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28 April 2020
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This is another description of the city — to some, the second capital city of the US. To others, it is just the world’s capital city.

The column was published on Wednesday by the Spanish news agency EFE.

This column reports the order issued by the local council, which sets to temporarily freeze dead bodies to make room in funeral homes.

The order basically affects dead people victims of Covid-19, supposedly to reduce pressure on hospitals, funeral homes, and morgues.

Those places, according to EFE, have less and less space to preserve the corpses of people who have died from the virus.

Most of them have not been identified or that no one has claimed and they will be moved from the morgues to freezer trucks so that they do not break down until they can be taken to a final place.

This operation, according to local media reports, may reach up to a year.

This decision will practically end the burials in the Bronx mass grave.

EFE recalls that this place has been used since the 19th century to bury New Yorkers who were never claimed.

Since the crisis of the coronavirus began, the city of New York they have become the global epicenter of the pandemic.

To date, according to data from the New York City Health Department, the number of positives per COVID-19 in the Big Apple amounts around some 35,746 people hospitalized and at least 9,562 deaths confirmed.

That is why most of Americans disagree on the lifting of coronavirus restrictions.

Trump and some of his most steadfast allied governors openly support this idea.

Even though the head of the White House is lobbying hard to resume national activities, most of people reject his line of thought.

According to some surveys, 61% of citizens consulted support the decisions assumed by their governments, whose essence is to stay at home to halt the spreading of Covid-19.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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