New medicine from national industry marketed in Cuba

New medicine from national industry marketed in Cuba
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28 December 2023
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Cuba placed in its domestic market a new nationally produced medicine made from beeswax, with antioxidant properties and high qualities as a nutritional supplement.

Abexol in suspension is the result of joint work between the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) in Havana, and the Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Oral Liquids Company (Medilip), in the eastern province of Granma.

For the first time, the compound is available in suspension format for sale in pharmacies and other points of sale.

The innovative supplement contains a mixture of fatty alcohols extracted and purified from beeswax, which favors all the processes of pharmacological action more quickly than pills, as indicated by the Granma newspaper.

Supplied orally, Abexol in suspension allows greater bioavailability, ease of swallowing, dosage flexibility, immediacy and potency of the antioxidant action.

Efrén Rodríguez, director of Medilip, explained to the press that in this first stage of commercialization, the product will only be available in the network of pharmacies in the province of Granma and in the CNIC store, in this capital.

As confirmed, they hope to extend the sale to other territories of the country, in correspondence with the possibilities of increasing the production of active ingredients to obtain the nutritional supplement. 

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