Former Colombian president rejects inclusion of Cuba on list of sponsors of terrorism

Former Colombian president rejects inclusion of Cuba on list of sponsors of terrorism
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6 February 2021
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Former Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos decried the inclusion of Cuba on the list of state sponsors of terrorism at the instance of the Trump Administration.

In a statement issued by the group The Elders, of which he is a member, Santos also urged current U.S. President Joe Biden to immediately begin a review process to revoke this measure and highlighted the crucial role Cuba played in helping to end decades of conflict and facilitate reconciliation in Colombia. “Instead of facing sanctions for this, Cuba deserves thanks and recognition, as do all countries that facilitate peace processes,” he said.

Founded in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, The Elders expressed concern about the reasons cited for the re-inclusion of Cuba on such a list, among them the Cuban government's refusal to extradite members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) to Colombia.

“These individuals were in Havana to participate in peace negotiations facilitated by the Cuban and Norwegian governments, and had received formal assurances of safe return, in accordance with standard protocols for peace negotiations. If a state faces negative repercussions for facilitating such negotiations, there can be serious detrimental consequences on future peace processes, as it may make other nations more reluctant to act as facilitators in the future.”

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