In family, it takes all kind to make a family

In family, it takes all kind to make a family
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20 May 2022
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A propos of the Family International Day, celebrated on Sunday May 15th, we talked to seven Cuban teenagers on what they believe is paramount in their formation and functioning of our first group of belonging, to which we all belong since we are kids and where we learn to describe it as the core of society.

Blood relationships are either taken for granted, or are simply not the essence for these boys and girls. Other words are repeated over and over again in their conceptions of family. Let's see.

Emanuel feels that the most important thing is “union; that they live together and know how to resolve discussions peacefully, without resorting to violence; mutual understanding... For me, it should be like that.”

"I think that when they trust each other and try to understand each other, then love for the family emerges," said Isa, Emanuel’s classmate in the seventh grade at the Manuel Saumell junior high school.

Another future 12-years-old musician, Camila, insists that “union and trust are the basis of everything, because without union it would be like being with friends, and family is something else. And without trust, well, in a way, you feel alone. The family is always there to help, and you must trust everyone around you to achieve so, I believe.”

Luna agrees on almost everything with her fellow students, but she brings her own arguments:

“For me, trust is very important in a family, because if we don't have it, we can't live together properly. Unity is something very important: a united family is always better because together we can do much more. Respect, if we do not always respect each other, we will get along badly. Communication is very important, because we can enjoy from a loving family if we are sincere, open, and frank. Honesty: If we are honest with our relatives, we will always get along very well."

Javi is younger, he is in the fifth grade at the Abel Santamaría elementary school, in Havana’s Vedado, but his 10 years are enough for him to sum up, without a moment's hesitation, the ingredients that cannot be lacking in a family: “unity, respect and love."

He slipped into the group of interviewees because he is Amanda Sofía's little brother, who explained: “For me the most important thing is understanding, respect, communication, and trust.”

“We must communicate with our parents, grandparents, uncles, but everything also depends on the trust they have in us, and that is where understanding is essential, that they know how to listen to us and try to open their minds and understand us and respect our way of thinking, dressing, etc., in order to live in peace, harmony and love.”

The criteria of Mila and Melany, who are about to finish junior high school, are on the same line of thought: "dialogue, communication," notes Mila, and for Melany "unity is important, as well as showing love and not letting oneself fall due to adversity, because after all, the members of a family depend on one another.”

Summing up: in families, there must be unity, communication, dialogue, understanding, trust, help, harmony, zero violence, peace and love. Blood, as it has always been said, is important, but for the new generation, it looks like feelings are the most important thing.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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