Cuba: Network Exhibitionism

Cuba: Network Exhibitionism
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2 October 2023
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No, it's not to talk about exhibitionism in the best known and unfortunate meaning of the term, that which becomes a mental disorder and the genitals are usually exposed to unknown people.

Nor to comment on the so-called Sexting - that online exhibitionism that shows provocative or openly sexual positions where sometimes you must pay.

These article want to speak about an exhibitionism another that has long occupied space in social media and that intends to spread everything someone does, especially pretending to attract attention to abundances, and joys.

In particular, the issue is referred to Cubans who do so.

Of course, everyone publishes whatever  they want, but certain ethics and even good manners should be taken into account; especially considering the situation Cuba in undergoing right now.

And there are those who don’t consider anything. They either publish the great banquet at some private dinner, including the bill of many thousands pesos; even those who portray their weekend in a dazzling rented pool, and those who post their abundant purchase of food or other supplies, forgetting that there are many who can’t and won’t be able to afford that.

What’s their intentions behind those publications they post?: Display their high purchasing power?, Feel supposedly superior? ...

It would seem that rather than enjoying the moment, they enjoy being watched or followed on the social media and perhaps even envied a little.

But to all those cases of exhibitionism of joys, possession of objects and large amounts of money, while most have a hard time, perhaps it would be worth the saying for them that goes "he/she is all talk."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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