Blockade causes millionaire losses, Cuban FM denounces at UN

Blockade causes millionaire losses, Cuban FM denounces at UN
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23 June 2021
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 The damage accumulated in six decades by the United States blockade of Cuba exceeds the value of gold, one trillion dollars, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced before the UN General Assembly.

The diplomat assured that regarding current prices these losses amount to 147 billion 853 million dollars, so the US blockade is reaffirmed as the main obstacle to the development of his country.

Rodríguez presented to the General Assembly of the world organization a report on the effects caused by the economic, financial and commercial siege practiced by Washington against Havana.

The report accompanies the draft resolution that, for the twenty-ninth time, calls on Washington to end this hostile policy.

In this regard, he refuted allegations by the White House that the coercive measures do not affect the Cuban people.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs assured in the last five years, the losses caused were greater than 17 billion dollars.

He noted that as part of these effects, the Cuban banking and financial system was forced to temporarily suspend the acceptance of cash deposits of US dollars.

He asserted that it was an essential measure given the obstacles caused by the blockade to dispose of that currency or give it value for use.

It is an economic war of extraterritorial scope, against a small country, already affected by the recession and the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic, he said.

From the UNGA podium, the Cuban representative denounced what he described as an intense campaign of political interference as a complement to the hostility against his country.

He asserted that the US government spends tens of millions of dollars from the federal budget each year and additional amounts of a covert nature to do so.

The purpose is to produce political and social instability in the context of the economic difficulties that the United States government itself causes, he remarked.

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