Month of Cuban Culture Opens in France

Month of Cuban Culture Opens in France
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3 May 2016
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The event will be, without doubt, a unique opportunity to show the French public part of the best and most representative of the broad cultural heritage of the Caribbean nation, according to a statement from the Embassy of Cuba in this European nation.

The embassy will develop, in conjunction with a group of institutions of both countries, a comprehensive program that includes different manifestations of Cuban culture.

A dozen presentations of various kinds that reflect and show the traditions of the island and its mark in the history of world culture will be presented also, according to the information disclosed.

Art exhibitions by renowned painters, a food festival, movies, traditional dance performances, concerts and fairs will occupy an important place.

The program will include various centers, galleries, visual arts classrooms and spaces dedicated to cultural events in Paris and other cities, said the statement.

In parallel, Cuba will hold a program of activities for the month of the French culture.

It is an initiative which main objective is to strengthen bilateral ties through this area, told Prensa Latina Hector Igarza, ambassador of the island in this country.

Culture has historically been a sector that has united both countries. Although there have been ups and downs in political and economic relations, both countries have always been very close at cultural level, he said.

Igarza said that this event was announced and promoted jointly by President Raul Castro Ruz and the French head of state François Hollande during the 'trip of the latter to our country in May 2015 and during the visit of the Cuban president to France on February 2016 '.

The activities that will take place in Cuba coincide with the French Film Festival which takes place in May each year. It is also planned a fashion show in Havana by Chanel, French fashion world firm, among other actions.

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