Cuba analyzes challenges to combat fake news

Cuba analyzes challenges to combat fake news
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4 December 2019
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The challenges of Latin American journalists in the face of fake news and the need for media literacy among youngsters make up the agenda of the 10th International Meeting of Information and Communication Researchers and Experts (ICOM 2019) this Wednesday.

Case studies of the influence of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) and social networks in the work of communication professionals from countries such as Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil will be presented on this third day of the event.

From the Brazilian perspective, the cultural and media consumption of young people will be analyzed, while the Ecuadorian presentation proposes a study on interactivity with journalistic contents from universities.

In addition, Cuba presents several research projects related to the characteristics of national identity in Facebook groups, as well as the construction of a digital citizenship with public opinions expressed on Twitter about the Constitution of Cuba.

In its 10th edition, ICOM 2019, meeting through Friday at Havana's International Conference Center, is also a space for proposals of communication strategies in favor of the Latin American left.

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