Brazil's PT Condemns New US Measures against Cuba

Brazil's PT Condemns New US Measures against Cuba
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7 June 2019
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The Workers'' Party (PT) of Brazil on Friday condemned the new measures taken by the United States against Cuba, and described them as another show of arrogant interventionism and disregard for international law.

This time Washington 'bans group travels, for which US citizens were authorized to visit the island with educational purposes, as part of exchanges between the two peoples,' the PT said in a press release signed by its president, Gleisi Hoffmann, and International Relations Secretary Monica Valente.

The message added that 'trips to the island on transportation or recreational boats, as well as private planes, are also banned'.

According to the political organization, 'the obvious objective of the measures is to try to suffocate the Cuban economy by limiting or preventing US citizens' visits to Cuba, as tourism is the country's major source of hard currencies'.

Those measures, 'as well as all others taken by the United States against Cuba, are illegal in light of the collective security system of the United Nations,' the press release added.

The PT recalled that in November 2018, the UN General Assembly approved, with 189 votes in favor, the resolution demanding an end to the economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States since 1960.

It denounced that the 'unilateral blockade that the United States has imposed on Cuba for purely ideological reasons has lasted 59 years, with no practical results for Washington's geopolitical interests, but with inadmissible negative consequences for the Cuban people's quality of life.'

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