Argentina's Women Return to the Streets in the March ''Not One Less''

Argentina's Women Return to the Streets in the March ''Not One Less''
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3 June 2016
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Under the slogan 'Not one Less, We Want to Live' the women, accompanied by dozens of groups, including political parties, will not only protest in Buenos Aires but also in city squares across the country.

This year, the march will start at 17:00 local time and leave from the front of the Congress' headquarters and travel through Avenida de Mayo to the Plaza Homonima facing the Casa Rosada. According to the foundation 'Marisel Zambrano' of the Casa del Encuentro, since the first march of this kind on June 3rd, 2015, 275 women have been murdered in Argentina, the equivalent of a murder every 30 hours, leaving 317 children motherless.

In a press conference held yesterday in the Annex Building of the Chamber of Deputies, the organizers of the march said it would be headed by survivors of violence, as well as by relatives of femicide victims.

The press conference was attended by mothers, siblings and relatives of victims, as well as by female deputies from several opposition parties.

Political pressure is being applied to the government to allocate money from the budget to the Emergency Law on Gender Violence. Citizen groups have supported the action by collecting signatures.

Leaders of feminist organizations claim that funds for the government body responsible for implementing programs against gender violence is only 0.0055 percent of the total national budget, the equivalent of 4.25 pesos (0.29 USD cents) per woman.

Relatives of victims reported at the press conference that they face ambivalent judicial authorities, the disappearance of case evidence and bad treatment or negligence by law enforcement authorities when they insist on asserting their rights.

The call to march has made an impact on social networks; the news website El Destape reported that during the election campaign the current president Mauricio Macri promised to implement all the necessary measures to reduce violence against women.

He also promised to monitor the National Action Plan for the Prevention, Assistance and Eradication of Violence against Women and to ensure real access to justice for victims through prosecution offices and police stations staffed with trained personnel.

However, it was stressed that now that he is President, the situation is very different. Several programs directed at violence against women have been closed down and women's participation, within the State, is now lower.

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