West Shows Frustration and Blames Putin for Panama Papers

West Shows Frustration and Blames Putin for Panama Papers
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11 April 2016
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The website of the RT global television broadcaster highlights how supposedly private institutions and large media corporations say that it was Putin who plotted the publication of more than 11.5 million documents, because his name does not appear in any of the revealed files.

RT voices that opinion, expressed by Clifford G. Gaddy in the article 'Are the Russians actually behind the Panama Papers?', in The Washington Post.

Gaddy, who works for the Brookings Institution, an American private non-profit organization, writes that 'Given Russia's vaunted hacking capabilities, a special cyber unit in the Kremlin may have been able to obtain the documents.'

Although the big media consortiums focused the information of the so-called Panama Papers on Putin, Gaddy admits that the filtration is having 'a negative impact on Western stability, warning that it could be 'a weapon for blackmail' in the hands of a third party.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, qualifies Gaddy as one of the most prominent Western experts on Russia's economy, in an article that calls the conspiracy theory 'not-completely-crazy'.

'Perhaps it is the Russians who are behind the leak', adds the American diary.

Interviewed by RT, the American columnist and cartoonist Ted Rall considered that the West is literally trying to say that the name of the Russian president is not mentioned in thousands of documents, which demonstrates that he must somehow be involved.

On this issue, Putin denounced that the data published in Western news media about the so-called Panama papers aim to undermine the unity and solidarity of the Russian people.

He explained that this is the easiest way to create distrust in society, alienate each other, and repeated that the management of foreign propaganda media about his possible involvement in the scandal is an example of it.

Yours truly is not listed there. They found some of my friends, rummaged something and pasted it. But the photo of yours truly is in the foreground, stressed Putin at the meeting with hundreds of regional communicators, broadcasted live on the Rossiya-24 channel.

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