33 Chilean Miners Rescue 5th Anniversary 
To Be Celebrated Across US, Canada

33 Chilean Miners Rescue 5th Anniversary 
To Be Celebrated Across US, Canada
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13 October 2015
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Spurred on by the support and faith of the miners’ families encamped outside the mine, the Chilean miners’ rescue is one of the most moving real-life events of modern times, watched by more than a billion people around the world.

Five years later, on October 13, 2015, Chilean Consulates across the United States and in Canada will celebrate the five-year anniversary of this daring rescue with events, including special screenings of Alcon Entertainment’s and Warner Bros. Pictures’ new filmThe 33.” Made with the cooperation of the real life miners, their families and their rescuers, “The 33” opens nationwide on November 13, 2015, exactly one month after the five-year anniversary of the rescue.

Patricia Riggen, director of “The 33,” stated, “I am thrilled and honored that our film is playing a part in celebrating the five-year anniversary of this momentous event. Our main goal in making ‘The 33’ was to show the courage and resilience of the men who were trapped, the hope and faith of their families, and the determination of the rescuers who overcame near-impossible odds to bring them home. Their inspiring story captured the attention of millions five years ago and it should never be forgotten.”

In New York, San Francisco, Houston, Toronto and Chicago, the Chilean Consulates will join with Alcon and Warner Bros. to hold VIP screenings of the film. The Chilean Consul General in each city will serve as host of the event.

In Ottawa, Canada the Chilean Embassy, together with Alcon and Warner Bros., will present a special screening of “The 33” and reception, hosted by the Chilean Ambassador to Canada.

In Miami, at the AMC Sunset Theaters, the General Consul of Chile will help unveil a replica of the Fenix capsule that brought the 33 miners out from the depths of the collapsed mine.

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