Maduro: 'the US Does Not Appoint President in Venezuela'

Maduro: 'the US Does Not Appoint President in Venezuela'
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6 February 2020
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President Nicolas Maduro slammed Trump for saying that he would crush Venezuela and its socialist project.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Wednesday reminded Donald Trump that the president of Venezuela is chosen by the Venezuelan people and not the United States.

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“In Venezuela, the president is not appointed by the U.S. president; the People choose him through elections," Maduro said and told Trump "enough of your extremist obsession!."

These statements were a reaction to the threats spilled by Trump during the State of the Union speech on Tuesday when he pretended to ignore the decision of the Bolivarian people and referred to Senator Juan Guaido as if he were interim president of the South American nation.

In his response to the U.S. president's statements, Maduro also rejected his foreign policy based on "crushing" Venezuela and recalled that the Bolivian nation continues to work for its development.​​​​​​​

"Never! Nobody crushes Venezuela. Venezuela walks forward with work, love, and perseverance. Venezuela will continue its path to prosperity and happiness with peace, freedom, and dignity,” he said.

The Bolivarian president also recalled that his country is sovereign and has the right to choose its own development model.

“We have the right to build socialism and we are going to build a new, democratic, humanist, Christian, socialism... No one will take away the right to build our own destiny,” Maduro stressed.​​​​​​​

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