Dunga: “Neymar should concentrate on Football”

Dunga: “Neymar should concentrate on Football”
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29 July 2014
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New Brazil manager Dunga has launched a scathing attack to Neymar’s flamboyant attitudes on the pitch. Information Nigeria understands.

The new Coach has expressed frustrations of the Barcelona’s talisman promoting of his brand on the pitch, especially in big games, citing his frequent changing of hair style.

“LNeymar is a worldwide point of reference. But we don’t want the team to play for Neymar – we want Neymar to play for the team. Brazil will have to create a structure that allows Neymar to make a difference,” Dunga told Globo.

“The main focus for all players should be the national team. It should be about football rather than about marketing.

“When Neymar gives an interview, he should be wearing a hat of the national team or no hat at all, but not one with his own logo on it. With other teams, there is never any room for such marketing tools and it should be the same for Brazil.

“I don’t want players to be busy with their hair when they’re with the national team. They do it before or after they’re with Brazil. The focus should be on what happens on the pitch.”

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