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18 December 2014
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Who writes about sports today in Cuba? Me, at least, won’t write about that right now. Thanksgivings, one of the most traditional festivities in the North American culture, is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November, but this year in Cuba Thanksgivings has come a bit delayed this December 17.

The historical broadcast of the future restoration of diplomatic relationships between Cuba and the United States shattered all possible expectations. I always thought I would see first Silvio and Pablo singing together, before bearing witness to this event.

Having born amid the cold war has conditioned my entire existence and blocked within me all possibility of believing that something so great could actually happen.

Barack Obama has had the courage to try to put an end to this meaningless struggle that survived in this XXI century, and Raul Castro has shown all his diplomatic audacity to converge with his lifelong political enemy.

What about the end of the blockade? Why not, if this first step was achieved, applauded practically to the brink of tears in every corner of the planet where there are Cubans, that is, in every corner of the planet. This is a unique opportunity that none of them must let pass. Like Obama said, if they have been able to coexist with China and Viet Nam, why not with Cuba?

At present I don't believe there is a shred of doubt on Raul’s will to take the country ahead like nobody else. This comes from someone who is not affiliated to the Communist Party of Cuba. If earlier he accompanied Fidel with weapons in his hands, now Fidel accompanies him onto the battle of dialogue, and both can succeed and find a place in History, with all the dignity of the world.

But if Obama and Raul are the two fundamental faces of this early Christmas gift, in this hypothetical Thanksgivings we cannot forget the mediators. People's Pope (it had to be a Latin American for the first time?), the appeasing Francisco, did something make to ennoble the work of the Church, like others before him didn’t do in many years.

All Latin American presidents and Governments of the world have voted against the genocidal blockade for decades, the Committees for the Liberation of The Five, the pressure of the people and the North American public opinion, and all those who have contributed in this fight, they deserve the greatest of recognitions.

The Cuban people that has worthily withstood all the pressures and resulting setbacks of the mistaken politics, has right now a lot of people to thank.

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