Venezuela closed nomination of candidates for local elections

Venezuela closed nomination of candidates for local elections
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4 September 2021
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The National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) on Saturday concluded the nomination of candidates for the Nov 11 election, at the end of a week in which new political actors joined the process.


After the extension of the deadline for the admission of candidacies expired, 64 percent of the technical, logistical and operational actions of the election timeline have been fulfilled, CNE President Pedro Calzadilla said.

He told the media that, from September 9 to 11, political organizations that will participate in the election will choose their position on the ballot.

The CNE president also highlighted the meeting held on Friday with UN Resident Coordinator in Venezuela, Gianluca Rampolla, in which they exchanged views on the possible joint work to be carried out for the regional and municipal elections.

In this scenario and in light of the dialogue taking place in Mexico, the opposition parties grouped in the so-called United Platform announced their willingness to participate in the upcoming election.

The decision disclosed by former Secretary General of Accion Democratica (Democratic Action), Henry Ramos Allup, means the abandonment of the abstentionist path taken by the most radical sector of the Venezuelan right wing during the past few years, as part of its destabilizing strategy.

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