Russia denounces the US endangers world trade base

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Russia denounces the US endangers world trade base
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23 September 2020
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Moscow, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) The United States is endangering the very basis of world trade principles with its actions to prevent the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline by all possible means, the Russian Foreign Ministry denounced.
Washington spares no political and economic efforts, including pressure and blackmail, to prevent the construction of the Russian gas pipeline and, in this way, promote the advancement of its companies in the European energy market, said the ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova.

But through that blackmail and pressure, the United States practices unfair competition that overturns the principles of free trade, so defended at times in the West, thus endangering the very basis of the economy in the world, in the words of the spokeswoman.

In addition, by torpedoing the conclusion of the gas pipeline, which would bring Russian natural gas directly to Germany through the Baltic Sea, it harms Europe and its peoples, since it takes away the possibility of receiving the maximum of their income, said the official.

Zakharova acknowledged that there are challenges for the participants in the gas pipeline project, based on the threat of sanctions by the White House, since they are multi-million dollar investments.

An issue such as the construction of a strictly commercial work, where negotiations and other methods could have been used, ended with a practice of open blackmail and pressure from the United States, determined to destroy that project at any cost, he commented.

Several insurance companies, gathered in a conglomerate to work with the ships involved in the construction of the aforementioned gas pipeline, announced that they were withdrawing the insurance for these ships, with just 10 kilometers left to complete the gas pipeline.

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