Protesters call for Haitian Prime Minister’s resignation

Protesters call for Haitian Prime Minister’s resignation
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19 August 2022
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Port-au-Prince, Aug 19 (Prensa Latina) Several dozen protesters on Friday called for the resignation of the Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, and also lashed out at the high prices of commodities and marked insecurity.

Supporters of the Protocol of National Understanding, a structure adhered to the Montana Agreement of the civil society, made their way to the vicinity of Henry’s residence.

Rioters condemned the high prices of staples and fuel that further impoverish the vulnerable, while calling for establishing a new transitional government formed by an interim president and interim prime minister.

“We can hardly eat because of food high prices and my kids will not be able to go to school this year because I cannot afford to pay their enrollment,” accoring to a protester.

Plus, demonstrarors condemned the increased violence wave that shakes Haiti´s capital by armed groups. Local clashes have caused over 500 deaths in 2022, while tens of thousands were forced to take refuge with their relatives or to live in inappropriate spots.

“We cannot stand it anymore!,” another citizen said by holding up an “Aba La Lime!” banner, referring to current head of the UN Integrated Office in Haiti.

Protesters deplored international organizations are supporting Haiti´s present government without taking into consideration how much national situation woesened under its mandate. pll/acl/ane

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