Price control and agriculture stand out in Cuban lawmakers’ agenda

Price control and agriculture stand out in Cuban lawmakers’ agenda
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24 November 2023
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Cuban lawmakers are discussing at the National Assembly on Friday on whether agriculture and the measures taken to control prices make progress in Cuba and what else need to be done.

In recent meetings held at the National Capitol, seat of the Legislature, the MPs and executives from several sectors weigh the progress made in these key issues for Cuba.

In these meetings, Parliament Speaker Esteban Lazo called for a different view to Cuban agriculture, to achieve a leap in the programs involved in food production, with the sensitivity and commitment that it requires.

Lazo also praised the analysis of the partial report of the high audit of the Agricultural sector held on Thursday, prior to its submission to the next regular session of the 10th Legislature, and described it as transcendental due to the importance of the agricultural production for Cuba and its citizens’ welfare.

Agriculture Minister Ydael Jesús Pérez, in turn, insisted on his Ministry’s commitment to produce food for the people, despite the economic and material shortages, technological obsolescence, and other difficulties.

Commenting on the issue, Finance and Prices Minister Vladimir Regueiro pointed out that there is a lack of commitment and discipline in controlling prices, “and although we have made progress in the organization of a work system, there are still lack of homogeneity, discipline, and systematicity in general.”


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