New video clip commemorates Alicia Alonso's centennial in Cuba

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New video clip commemorates Alicia Alonso's centennial in Cuba
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12 October 2020
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Havana, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) With the production of the Era video clip, several artists from Cuba show, in images, the influence of the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso on the new generations.
The audiovisual recreates the instrumental work of the same name composed by Daniel Martin Subiaut, co-president of the Latin Music Institute, with an arrangement by the virtuoso pianist from the island Frank Fernandez, who performed the piece together with the Ecuadorian violinist Jorge Saade.

According to Martin Subiaut, the production, shot in different locations of the Gran Teatro de La Habana and of this city, was advised by Gabriel Dávalos, photographed by Alexander Gonzalez and directed by Pedro Pulido.

He also explained that Hjandy Cantero (the original idea of the video) represented the Caribbean nation's Recordings and Music Editions Company (Egrem) in the executive production of this work, which reached the first round of the Latin Grammy Awards in the category of Best Recording of the Year.

Actress Gina Caro and Patricia Hernandez Ortega, principal dancer of Laura Alonso's ballet, joined this audiovisual tribute, while the choreography was in charge of Hector Figueredo Abrantes and the dramatic advice of maitre Lourdes Alvarez.

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