The Movie You Will Never See

The Movie You Will Never See
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28 January 2024
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Robert Rodríguez has always been ahead of his time in life and in cinema, the art in which he found the way to capture all that magical realism that coexists and beats in his mind.

Nine years ago —although some details were only recently known— he quietly filmed a movie with the chameleon-like John Malkovich as scriptwriter and protagonist. Almost no one found out. Not even the most seasoned Hollywood paparazzi.

And that was the idea. You will never be able to see the film which, judging by just a small preview, has its watermark, its futuristic seal. Yes, as they read it, and it is also titled: 100 years, the movie you will never see.

At this point, the film is well locked in a safe and only your descendants and those of the team that made it will be able to see it on November 18, 2115.

Just as some legends protect their most precious treasures in the box of letters at the prestigious Cervantes Institute, Rodríguez encapsulated this work in time along with a bottle of Louis XIII, under an automatic closure that will open on the day designated for its screening.

It was precisely the famous brand of cognac that asked him to make the film, because it takes just a century for that drink to be perfect.

According to the director of Miniespías and El Mariachi, who recruited Marko Zaror and Shuya Chang for this exclusive film, he was working on several short films for that company and when he finished the first one and showed the result, the response was: “It’s great. “That’s the one we’re going to keep.”

Although not much is known, those of us born in these times will have to settle for watching three trailers on the Internet, each one with a different vision of the year 2115. The first shows a dystopian future in a ruined and abandoned land; the other, a very technologically advanced urbanization, and the third, an invasion where cyborgs have taken control of the planet.

As if that were not enough, the film – number 31 in Rodríguez’s filmography – has tickets for its premiere. To date, 1,000 have been sent, which will be bequeathed to the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of those who acquired them now. Only they will have the joy of seeing the work on a giant screen at the Domaine du Grollet, in Cognac, France.

For now, we will stick with the previews of the trailers on YouTube and the director’s most recent proposal titled Hypnosis, with Ben Affleck and Alice Braga as protagonists, available only on the Amazon Prime platform.

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