March in honor of September 11 in Chile repressed by Carabineros

March in honor of September 11 in Chile repressed by Carabineros
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12 September 2021
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Representatives of different human rights organizations, youth and social movements suffered repression by Carabineros in different points of Santiago de Chile and when entering the General Cemetery, during the march in honor of the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President Salvador Allende.

Local media report that the Special Forces of Carabineros repressed the demonstrators, as on previous occasions, with toxic water and tear gas during their march, increasing the violence as they approached the Cemetery and leaving a preliminary balance of six detainees.  

At several points of the main arteries of Santiago de Chile and then at the Cemetery, Carabineros tried to stop and interrupt the march by using their armored cars and water cannons against the popular procession.

The demonstrators on this occasion demanded freedom for political prisoners of the social revolt of 2019 and the Mapuche people as they passed through the streets of the Chilean capital.  In addition, they counted on this occasion with the participation of new assets and social political processes, such as the territorial assemblies and the Social Political Referent, among other organizations.

For her part, the mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler, also participated in the march, joined by other leaders of the Communist Party such as deputies Karol Cariola and Guillermo Teillier, the mayor of Lo Espejo, Javiera Reyes, and constituents Marcos Barraza and Bárbara Sepúlveda.

Last year, the march could not take place due to the epidemiological situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this time the call was made on the basis of the respect of the rigorous sanitary protocols, such as the use of masks and physical distancing, in addition to the fact that almost all the demonstrators, according to their age group, are presumably immunized.

The September 11 march in Chile is held in support and in memory of the thousands murdered by the U.S.-supported military dictatorship, in the 1973 coup d'état perpetrated by General Augusto Pinochet against the popular Allende government.


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