At least 15 countries to take part in traditional Taekwondo training camp

At least 15 countries to take part in traditional Taekwondo training camp
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17 January 2024
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The Mexican city of San Luis Potosí will host one of the largest traditional mass taekwondo events - the CAR La Loma training camp - from 24-31 March.

The training camp will be held for the 15th time. Over those 15 years over 23,000 athletes and coaches from 43 countries have taken part. The director of the events, Ireno Fargas, confirms that this edition sets a record in the number of foreign reservations, with the participation of at least 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, France and Luxembourg, the MASTKD reports.  The US delegation, with approximately 150 participants, is the largest, followed by Canada and Puerto Rico. In addition, several Pan American teams will participate in preparation for the continental pre-Olympic.  This year, participation has been opened to all Taekwondo schools, universities and teams in Mexico to accommodate more participants. 

The camp will focus on two modalities: forms and combat, with three daily training sessions that will include physical, technical and combat aspects. The Open will be available for WT combat, non-contact combat and individual, doubles, trios and team forms.

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