Iran, Cuba can neutralize impact of sanctions through coop.

Iran, Cuba can neutralize impact of sanctions through coop.
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4 December 2023
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Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi and his Cuban counterpart Miguel Díaz-Canel held a press conference after their meeting in Tehran on Monday.

Raieis pointed to the potential and capabilities of the two countries in the fields of agriculture, mining, energy etc. and said that both sides are resolved to develop their relationship and improve the level of cooperation. 

He described the visit of the Cuban President to Iran after 21 years as a turning point in the two countries’ diplomatic relations, adding that the relations between the two nations have been friendly and growing since the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution. 

The Iranian president further highlighted the point that the two nations have stood up against the oppressive US sanctions and said that the two nations have not given up their opposition to the hegemonic system despite all pressures, something that has to be admnired. 

Raeisi went on to stress that the two nations can jointly neutralize the oppressive sanctions imposed by the hegemonic system led by the United States through cooperation by sharing and exchanging their capabilities.

The Iranian president went on to highlight Washington's role in the Zionist Israeli regime's aggression on the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

He added that the United States and Western countries have made the international bodies ineffective in stopping the Zionist regime's attacks. 

"The United Nations, the Security Council, the Arab League and many human rights bodies and organizations have lost their influence," the Iranian president noted.

The Cuban president, for his part, said that highlighted the two countries' long-standing relations and cooperation, saying that, "I believe that these meetings will help to diversify and develop historical relations and cooperation that have been going on between the two countries for a long time in various fields."

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