International Day of Human Solidarity: 365 Days for Cubans

International Day of Human Solidarity: 365 Days for Cubans
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22 December 2022
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Although the General Assembly of the United Nations decreed this celebration, which has taken place since 2006, in Cuba and for Cubans there’s no need for decrees to show solidarity inside and outside our borders.

Endorse the commitment on behalf of the nations of the world in the construction of a space of solidarity and peace, as well as the application of initiatives for the eradication of poverty and sensitize public opinion about the importance of the value of solidarity, is the objective of this World Day, multiplied by 365 in Cuban calendars.

There are so many examples, the memories of how we Cubans have been supportive, that one day a great and beautiful book must be written that includes everything; it would be a huge love story.

But today, in case someone forgetful asks for examples, we just need to look back on this same 2022, which is luckily ending, and stop on last May, when an explosion occurred at the Saratoga Hotel unleashed one of the most painful stories experienced recently and where the solidarity of all Cubans was equated to what only brothers do for their brothers, fathers and mothers for their children... even giving their lives.

Sorrow and misery loves company, just three months later, in August, the fire at the supertanker base in Matanzas once again put us to the test, and, once again, solidarity among Cubans grew even stronger than those terrible columns of dark smoke.

The same happened when Hurricane Ian mercilessly hit the western of the island. Brigades from all over the country, either from the telephone company, electricity, as well as health workers and builders, said goodbye to their house to go help Cuba, everyone’s house.

All Cubans know the extent of the suffering of these tragedies and also the shared embrace, in true and authentic solidarity.

To these domestic demonstrations, many, many others joined in, which we Cubans have also carried out, especially since 1959. The most recent, although not the only ones chronologically, could be the medical brigades that went where the pandemic hit the hardest.

Only ten days had passed since Covid-19 showed its deadly shadow on Cuba, when, on March 21st, a brigade of 52 Cuban doctors and nurses flew to the Italian region of Lombardy, directly to the vortex of the pandemic at the time.

Since then, thousands of members of the Henry Reeve International Contingent have offered their help, and not only in health issues, but also in natural disasters.

In fact, this unit was precisely created after Hurricane Katrina, which in 2005 affected the territories of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in the United States, and it was Commander in Chief Fidel Castro who created this International Contingent specialized in situations of disasters and serious outbreaks.

The name was not chosen by chance, in memory of the also called El Inglesito, who from another land, gave his life for the independence of Cuba.

It also happens that Cuba - which has never given what they have to spare, but has shared what it has - has also been the object of many displays of international solidarity.

In the hardest years of the pandemic, we were able to verify this, and, for many decades, the solidarity of a large part of the international community towards Cuba has been evident, supporting with their vote the elimination of the genocidal blockade imposed by the United States.

Of course, solidarity behaviors do not revolve only around Cuba. Solidarity actions take place worldwide daily, even in complete blocks like ALBA.-TCP or Caricom, also many NGOs and international organizations that support these practices.

However, I hope human solidarity will multiply as we all deserve and this planet deserves. If so, neither inequalities, nor malnutrition, nor mortality from preventable diseases, nor the lack of drinking water, nor the alarming climate change, nor a very long and unfortunate etcetera would take place in the history of these days.

Because yes, these are days of contrasts that do not exclude our Island either, where, in antagonism with the heroic deliveries mentioned above, and also with those of so many who in the hardest part of Covid-19 put their shoulders together for those most in need, the same despicable behaviors have emerged that choose to record with a cell phone instead of providing help, or that prefer to push, disrespect, violate the right of the person next to them, in a macabre every man for himself.

But luckily, despite the fact that this exists and this difficult daily life is still marking us, most of us Cubans know that loving is not over here. Take a look at your doorway, your window, your sidewalk, and check it out: ask for help and you will not lack for helping hands, no matter if it is today, World Human Solidarity Day, or any other day.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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