International Day against Climate Change celerated worldwide

International Day against Climate Change celerated worldwide
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25 October 2023
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The planet celebrates the International Day against Climate Change, so as to alert the world community about the harmful and devastating effects of global warming.

The celebration is supported by the United Nations and pursues one of the most important Sustainable Development Goals, number 13 of Climate Action.

In connection with this date, the UN proclaimed World Environment Day every June 5, to raise awareness of environmental issues among the world’s population and to mobilize governments to act in this area.

With the planet’s current challenge to counteract the harmful effects of climate change, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change emerged as a legal instrument during the 1992 Earth Summit.

The 21st World Climate Conference held in France in 2015 ended with the signing of the Paris Agreement for the strengthening of the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping global temperatures below two degrees Celsius with respect to pre-industrial levels.

Likewise, efforts were made to limit the temperature increase to 1,5 degrees.

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