Gabriel García Márquez, the writer star of the moment

Gabriel García Márquez, the writer star of the moment
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16 February 2023
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The 31st Havana’s International Book Fair presents now a writer for all ages: Gabriel García Márquez. In Colombia’s hall —guest country of honor— workers cannot cope with the book sales. There are Gabo’s novels that were sold out the first couple of days.

A lady who happened to be there rejoiced at what was going on with such popular enthusiasm: "It is great to see books being sold like hot cakes: García Márquez deserves it." And she recounts that every time the writer came to Cuba, she tried to go to Gabo's books launch to get him to sign the books she bought.

“The result is that, except for the ones I bought after he passed away, all the novels I have, written by Gabo, are dedicated in his own handwriting. The truth is that it seems that he did not understand quite well my name and he wrote it down in four different ways.”

Some of Gabo's books are meant to be read two or three times in a lifetime, the lady states. “And the first time you read them, it should be in adolescence, because García Márquez opens up worlds for you and that is the age to explore them.”

A boy asked her what book she recommended to start reading.

“Choose randomly. But once you read one, you will read the rest. I would lend them to you, but García Márquez's books are not to be lent: they are given away or sold. And you can imagine how much mine cost, as they were autographed.”

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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