Experts publish conclusions on atmospheric event in Cuba

Experts publish conclusions on atmospheric event in Cuba
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28 March 2021
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The event related to a possible meteor over eastern Cuba on March 19 was caused by the interplay between the Earth and a small group of 'meteoroids', scientific institutions explain on Sunday.

'These meteoroids disintegrated at great height; the explosions heard were related to the detonation high in the atmosphere and then to the noise produced by the decompression of the expansive wave caused by its destruction,' the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) informed in an official communiqué.

After studies conducted by experts from the Geophysics and Astronomy Institute and the Environment Agency, the researchers reported that the small group of 'meteoroids' along with other similar ones were intercepted and captured by gravity.

'With the elements analyzed so far and the scientific evidence, the hypothesis of the meteorite fall in eastern Cuba on the evening of March 19 is ruled out,' the press release clarifies.

For their research, the specialists studied the magnitude and intensity of the explosion flash captured in the images of the GOES-16 satellite at that time, on the northern coast of eastern Holguin province.



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