Ecuador: Rafael Correa Seeks to Run for Vice President

Ecuador: Rafael Correa Seeks to Run for Vice President
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18 August 2020
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Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa seeks to participate in the 2021 elections as a candidate for the vice presidency accompanying the presidential candidate Andres Arauz.

"If you allow me, I will be a candidate. I have to be there not only for my country but also for my harassed colleagues and the tranquility of our families," Correa said.

The Arauz-Correa binomial will be sponsored by a new political movement called Union for Hope (UNES). This will happen because the National Electoral Council (CNE) eliminated the citizen revolution, the leftist party created by the former President.

In his first reaction to that decision, Correa said that the elimination of his political party shows that the Lenin Moreno administration is preparing an electoral fraud.

The presidential candidate Arauz is a 36-year-old economist with extensive experience in the Ecuadorian public sector.

During the Correa administration (2007-2017), he served as Culture Minister, Knowledge and Human Development Minister, and Central Bank Director.

Arauz has also forged links with progressive groups and leaders from around the world. These ties have led him to be appointed a member of the Progressive International Council, an organization founded in 2020 by personalities such as Bernie Sanders, Yanis Varoufakis, Ada Colau, and Naomi Klein.


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