The Cuban Family Survived

The Cuban Family Survived
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19 June 2020
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It has been hard. Everything has changed at home. And those changes have certainly affected, positively and negatively, the lives of the Cuban families.

But most importantly, most of us are getting through this with discipline, responsibility, and especially, with very much love. There is no doubt, the social isolation recommended by health authorities and the Cuban government is also a sign of love for everyone.

Within our homes, families — pretty much diverse as our reality itself — have emerged strengthened as we proved we could survive a different way of coexistence, moved by a force majeure: life itself.

It has been, and still is, hard for the Cuban families. According to the popular psychologist Patricia Arés Muzio in her book Individuo, Familia, Sociedad. El desafío de ser feliz, socializing is what really makes Cubans happy! She refers to the different levels of relations set: family at home, family of interactions, the bonds with the neighborhood, the community, friends, and particularly, those “lifelong friends,” who usually date back to the student life.

And part of this source of happiness has been temporarily cut due to the infection threat of Covid-19.

Families against the flow

And these sources of happiness make Cuban families look so different from others around the world.

Dr. Aréz Muzio pointed this out in recent interview. She highlighted that even though social gap has been more tangible these days, Cubans — generally speaking— are still giving more priority to feelings than material stuff.

And, precisely, being there for us and others has been guiding us for more than three months now. Together with our family, we have been navigating through these paths full of uncertainties, where our best option has been to support each other, relying on the excellence of the Cuban medicine and science.

It has been said — more than once actually — that crisis does not only bring chaos and pain. In fact, this stage marked by coronavirus is proving me right.

As individuals, as families and as a nation, we have confirmed our strengths, some hitherto unprecedented. We have even found new ways of communication and learn to live day to day, which have helped us to continue growing.

The country is not in the post-Covid phase yet. But the end is near. And it will affect somehow families as we enter into this new normal.

We will be different as well. And we will be better. These dark hours have taught us to appreciate kisses and hugs and weigh love, solidarity, and friendship fairly. And once we gather the whole family, there will be no need to speak, we will know exactly how important is to have our own.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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