Cuba rejects selective and politicized resolutions in Geneva

Cuba rejects selective and politicized resolutions in Geneva
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8 October 2020
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Cuban diplomat Jairo Rodríguez in Geneva. Photo: Prensa Latina

Cuba repudiated at the closing of the 45th Session of the UN Human Rights Council the adoption of resolutions directed against sovereign countries and to favor a selective and politicized handling of the issue.

"We reiterate our rejection to all the initiatives that do not have the support of the States concerned," emphasized the Cuban diplomat Jairo Rodríguez in the forum that met in Geneva since September 14.

The Council made decisions on countries like Syria and Venezuela, documents that serve to escalate, using human rights, in the aggressions they face.  In his intervention, Rodríguez also regretted the resolution on the prevention mandate, which he said does not take into account the serious and deep concerns of several governments and the lack of consensus on its background and implications.

"It is a text created to impose selectivity, politicization and double standards, which furthermore distorts and contradicts the spirit of dialogue and cooperation needed in the Human Rights Council."

According to the Cuban representative, the initiative in question self-assigns powers that the body of 47 member States should not have, and contaminates its relationship with other entities of the UN system and the role of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

"We will not support the actions derived from this document and we will reject any interventionist and aggressive action against developing countries," said Cuba's representative in Geneva.

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