CRITICAL ZONE: Art, young people and engagement

CRITICAL ZONE: Art, young people and engagement
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6 August 2021
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The Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) is not, and can never be, the group of ordinary artists that some spokespersons of the discredit to the cultural institutionalism in Cuba want to present. It is not. The art made by young artists is not, and will never be, by its nature, an accommodated, unenthusiastic art. It cannot be so, as the critical nature is actually consubstantial to it.

We do not want to talk about “young art” because this is an elusive concept subjected to multiple questions. There are lots of experienced artists making young art — let it be understood as innovative, intriguing, revolutionary…And there are young artists whose art seem stagnant.

But we should converge in the idea that most under 35 years old artists — the ones who can affiliate AHS — are determined to find new ways, regardless of the formal, aesthetic and conceptual weight of their works. And the AHS, which does not respond to the Ministry of Culture and it is not a union, is and must be a meeting ground for artists. And such ground does not necessarily imply a uniformity of approach and stances. It involves openness to dialogue and will to reach agreements, freedom of creative thought.

The young artist believing that propaganda makes art, should reconsider his or her work. The young artist believing that the best road to take is that of capricious attacks and rebelliousness with no cause, or programs, should reconsider his or her path. And the AHS, which has welcomed excellent artists for more than 35 years, must consolidate the spaces for the discussion on these issues, without neglecting the debates on aesthetic issues, on the responsibility of art, on the freedom of artists, while remaining committed counterpart of the cultural institutions.

Saying it is easy. We understand the scope of this challenge to the current leadership of the AHS. And the rest of associates. These are crucial times for the nation and indifference cannot be an option.

We must all understand that the best way artists have to support and hold a social project, which is also cultural project, is by creating, making art, while socializing it and contribute….

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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