Bolsonaro Tried to Convince a Senator to Carry Out a Coup

Bolsonaro Tried to Convince a Senator to Carry Out a Coup
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2 February 2023
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On Thursday, center-right Senator Marcos Do Val said that former President Jair Bolsonaro tried to convince him to stage a coup to prevent Lula da Silva from becoming president of Brazil.

"I would get angry when they called me a Bolsonaro. You wait for me to drop a 'bomb.' We Can" party who decided to denounce the far-right politician.

After issuing some messages through social networks, Do Val said that he "definitely leaves politics" and will resign from the position of senator that was due to end in 2026. He said that this decision was due to family and health reasons.

"I lost coexistence with my family and especially with my daughter. It was not worth it to be transparent, honest, and fight for a better Brazil. The attacks and offenses continue to occur," he said and announced that he would return to the United States where he previously lived.

The tweet refers to the following: In an exclusive interview with Globo News, Senator Do Val talks about a meeting with Bolsonaro, in which they discussed about a coup. The coup plan included the arrest of Superior Electoral Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes.

These declarations occurred a few days after 513 Lower House representatives and a third of the Brazilian senators elected in October took possession of their seats.

Currently, the former Captain Bolsonaro is in Miami, where he fled before officially concluding his term and without acknowledging the victory of Lula da Silva.

The far-right politician is being investigated for his involvement in the assault on the Brasilia's headquarters of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, which took place on Jan 8.


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