The Classical Singing under the Rain Feature film

The Classical Singing under the Rain Feature film
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3 October 2016
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As it happens, the directors of the Hollywood film academy do not understand the value of some films and time is the one which reward the related efforts by becoming not really awarded films at the moment of their release into classic ones.

The film entitled 'Singing under the rain' is currently regarded as the best musical comedy of all times by placing its presence at the threshold of the spoken movie. Its leading role was played by three great actors such as Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds who danced and sang the music by Arthur Freed.

This was what was called as included images when the mother of the famous Marx brothers allowed him into her performances.

As for those who remember the most anthological sequence by Kelly, where he was dancing and singing that melody by defying a downpour, we say to them that the music that named the film was recorded by a choir which included famous actors such as Joan Crawford, John Gilbert and Buster Keaton, among others.

Stanley Donen directed that film at the beginning of the 1950 decade of the past century by recording the famous scene about the torrential rain with Gene Kelly suffering then from fever.

Donald O'Connor was already a proven artist, but Debbie Reynolds did not know how to dance although I dare you to find a wrong step carried out by the one who became Carrie Fisher´s mother that was playing the key role of another anthological named entitled 'Starts war' and famous scriptwriter of other films where Merill Strep was leading their cast.

Coming back to the aforementioned sequence of the downpour, I can tell you that it was not planned inside the original script and that drew Donen's attention, so he composed the song entitled’ Singing under the rain’ which named that full-length film, after all.

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