New Record by Havana D’ Primera Band

New Record by Havana D’ Primera Band
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9 September 2014
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During an interview granted to the local Frecuencia Total Program, the former director of that popular band pointed out that record contains lots of love and the fact that he hoped that dancers could receive it with the same passion that it was conceived.

Alexander Abreu commented that among its different compositions, almost all of them of his authorship which are part of ‘La vuelta al mundo’ record, there is the already popular one entitled ´Me dicen Cuba´ and ´Rosa la peligrosa,´ as well as another one composed by Osmani Espinosa.

Among the projects carried out by them, they are also working on the creation of a chamber record-record to be able to cover all the technical and singing possibilities of the members of that band.

While referring to the recent tour carried out by the Habana D´Primera band throughout the United States, the outstanding instrumentalist pointed out that all its presentations in San Francisco city, Minneapolis city, Chicago and Miami states were really good ones.

Likewise, he regretted that their performance at the B.B. King Blues Club from New York remained pending due to some problems that the local organizers had there and that is a stage which they pretend to visit in the upcoming months of December.

Regarding the reactions caused by the song entitled ‘Me dicen Cuba’ in those Cubans who live abroad permanently, Alexander Abreu expressed that they all thank that song's piece of section from island which seems to take its heart and best feelings to be shared with them all.

“That was a patriotic song which causes happiness and sadness.” Alexander Abreu added.

That man, who knows how to communicate what he feels and lives, confessed that he has devoted himself to write songs that take the positive thoughts from human nature, which he would continue doing.

In addition, Alexander Abreu pointed out: “The fact about telling beautiful things is part of my nature.”

“An expression of his musical universe, it is the song entitled Pasaporte that is a the winning one of a local Cubadisco Prize which had consolidated these six years of the Habana D´Primera band, taking into consideration the effect that it has caused inside and outside Cuba.” Alexander Abreu said.

The band directed by Alexander Abreu is, according to his own words, a brotherhood between musicians from whom there are a 90% of the composers that remain there and those ones, who are not part of it, continue cooperating with it, one way or another one.

At present, Alexander Abreu declared to the Radio Rebelde station that he is assuming two difficult challenges such as direction of the relation between the singer and trumpet player. Moreover, he stated that there are people who make criticism for not playing his musical instrument, which is something that he does a lot, he stated.

As for the audience, he said that he is the director of a dancing band and even though he may try to carry out a solo performance, there was not really enough time to be all the night playing his trumpet.

Before saying good bye to the radio listeners, Alexander Abreu announced that Habana D´Primera will be performing at the Salón Rosado de la Tropical center, along with Elito Revé y su charngón band in the upcoming September 14th as part of the local Artes Habanarte Festival.

On September 6th, Alexander Abreu turned 38 years old by being willing to continue making music and sharing with us his record and tittle through 80 musical notes.

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