Alejandro Falcón, Renacer and More Music

Alejandro Falcón, Renacer and More Music
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24 June 2024
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Good friends are always in touch, so since his tour with the Estrellas de Buena Vista project and more, the pianist and composer Alejandro Falcón spoke via WhatsApp with CubaSí, regarding the soundtrack of the recently released Cuban soap opera Renacer:

«I worked on the themes of several characters, always addressing the genres of our music: there’s danzón, guaguancó, contemporary music, elements of jazz, bolero, song, feeling... this is what differentiates this work from the previous ones I’ve done for audiovisuals, which have only been with instrumental works.

—What voices did you invite for these songs?

—The first song is quite commercial, it has a fusion of funk with Cuban music, also a certain Brazilian influence. It’s performed by Annie Batista, it’s called Renacimiento and it’s the opening presentation theme of the soap opera.

«The closing song is named Velando por ti. They were songs I wrote with my wife, Brenda Chávez, who also played the violin. She did the lyrics and I did the music and arrangement. It’s played by Beatriz Márquez. We have Annie Garcés in another of the songs on the soundtrack, A Dream, and Mariela Cobos in A New Woman. "I tried to have them all be female performers."

—And from different generations. Did you suggest it like that?

—Yes, we have an established figure like Beatriz Márquez, but we also gave the opportunity to young talents; for example, Annie Batista, who is a very excellent singer, who won the last edition of Adolfo Guzmán contest; likewise, Annie Garcés and Mariela Cobos, since the theme of the soap opera has a lot to do with the life of Cuban women, the situations they must face...

—It’s not the first time that you’ve made the soundtrack for a soap opera and, in fact, you repeat with Heiking Hernández.

—Yes, I thank Heiking very much. He did the music for Vidas cruzadas soap opera five years ago, then the series Valientes, and now I’m working with her for the third time.

—I know well that you are a very restless musician. What other projects have you been working on?

—The triptych Classic between bridges has just been released, which contains three albums: Monserrate, The four seasons of Matanzas and Suite between the two waters. This record production, which we made with the Ensemble Solistas Orchestra of Havana, directed by maestro Iván Valiente, obtained two nominations for Cubadisco 2024. We will soon make its presentation.

—From what you tell me, it’s an album dedicated to our city of Matanzas…

—Yes, it’s dedicated to Matanzas. It includes several danzon songs like Danzando entre Puentes, Monserrate, Para danzonear. Other important works are Tribute to the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre and a version for string orchestra and piano of Waltz for Ochún, a piece I had recorded on the CD Mi monte spiritual in 2016 and now I returned to it with a new spin.

"The album is also dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Ensemble Solistas Orchestra of Havana and was released with the publishing and record company Producciones Colibrí."

—Of course, we have to talk about Estrellas de Buena Vista and more. How did you get into the project and how much has the experience contributed to you?

—A year ago I was summoned to belong to this wonderful project, where I have had the blessing of collaborating with important Cuban musicians such as maestro Pancho Amat, Javier Zalba, Ángel Terry, Carlos Calunga, Pedro Pablo Gutiérrez.

«This experience has contributed a lot to my career, especially when it comes to interpreting Cuban music. In addition, we have performed on important international stages where Cuban music always takes admiration and respect. In Estrellas de Buena Vista y más there is a mix of long-time musicians and several of the original members, with new young people joining. "A beautiful musical union."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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