Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba Denounces Massacre against his People

Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba Denounces Massacre against his People
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18 July 2014
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Akram Samhan, ambassador of the State of Palestine to Cuba, asserted on Thursday in this capital that more prominence of international organizations in favor of the cessation of Israeli attacks against Palestinian territory will be a determining factor to put an end to the massacre against his people.

On Thursday morning, Israeli forces reinitiated bombings against civilian population of Gaza Strip, with which they continued an offensive that began 10 days ago, killing 245 people, 55 of them children, said Samhan in a press conference.

So far, international mediations, led by the United Nations, have only obtained a humanitarian truce of five hours, while Israeli and Palestinian negotiators try to achieve in Egypt a wide ceasefire that would begin tomorrow, Friday.

Palestine’s ambassador to the Caribbean island informed that Israel has directed over 2,000 attacks against Gaza Strip and has used powerful armaments, which destroyed more than 700 houses, nine hospitals and three universities.

Israel wants to negotiate a truce, but adds to the agreement points that are not fundamental for Palestinians, not considering their basic rights and without referring to a possible lifting of the maritime, terrestrial and aerial blockade of Gaza Strip, he specified.

Samhan added that talks between Israelis and Palestinians have gone nowhere, particularly because the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and his extreme right wing want to prevent national unity between the Palestinian Hamas and PLO organizations.

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