Universities of Nicaragua and Cuba boost cooperation

Universities of Nicaragua and Cuba boost cooperation
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18 October 2019
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Universities of Nicaragua and Cuba have strengthened cooperation to improve educational processes and the post-graduate training of professors, University of Havana Deputy Rector Norma Barrios said on Friday.

The two countries have a long history of joint work in that field, but collaboration between universities and Higher Education ministries has been revitalized at present with concrete projects, said Barrios, a delegate to the 4th National Congress of Higher Education in Nicaragua.

'The Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Unan-Managua) is very aware of the need for ? change in favor of better training professional human beings, and in that direction, the two houses of higher studies have cooperated over the past few months in two fundamental areas: curricular transformation and quality management,' the Cuban deputy rector told Prensa Latina.

Sharing experiences and ways to do things in those fields has brought a group of Cuban experts to the congress, which is attended by representatives of Nicaraguan public and private universities with a view to optimizing the learning-teaching process according to the 21st century's situation and challenges.

Barrios underlined that another goal of cooperation is to mobilize Nicaragua's university community to participate directly in the construction of its own quality management system, in which they will be the major protagonists of curricular transformation.

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