Haiti: UN Agencies Call for Urgent Food Aid

Haiti: UN Agencies Call for Urgent Food Aid
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25 October 2016
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Around 800,000 people in Haiti need urgent food aid after the devastation of Hurricane Mathew, according to an emergency assessment by UN agencies.

Miguel Barreto, the regional director of the World Food Programme (WFP) for Latin America and the Caribbean, warned of the need for funds to continue food distribution and, 'help the 800,000 people who urgently need food aid.'

'The winter planting season is approaching fast. Agricultural producers have lost everything. If we do not act now to provide grains, fertilizers and other materials they need, they will not be able to plant and then will face persistent food insecurity,' said NathanaÃ'l Hishamunda, the Representative of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Haiti.

Haiti urgently needs $56 million dollars to ensure food aid for the population affected by Matthew during the next three months.

The National Coordinator of Food Safety has also urged effective response coordination through institutional mechanisms and the establishment of a good monitoring, evaluation and consultation system to allow consistency, transparency and efficiency.

A week after the hurricane, the government of Haiti, the CNSA, WFP and FAO conducted an evaluation of the damages.

The report resulting from it also refers to the need to provide food and basic livelihood to 1.4 million Haitians who have lost everything as a result of hurricane.

According to a emergency statement posted on the WFP website, crops in the country were virtually wiped out, about 50 percent of livestock was lost in some areas, food stores suffered serious damage, and the availability of local products has now been reduced to fruits.

In addition, on the southern coast of Haiti, fishing activities have been paralyzed because floods which destroyed nets, traps, boats, engines and all the fishermen need to work.

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