Kiev did use ballistic missiles in E. Ukraine, NATO source confirms to DW

Kiev did use ballistic missiles in E. Ukraine, NATO source confirms to DW
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1 August 2014
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The use of missiles starting this week was first broken by CNN’s Barbara Starr on Wednesday, who citedthree sources” in the Pentagon who said that evidence had been obtained with satellite imagery.

A source in NATO's press service speaking to Deutsche Welle also cited US intelligence. Confirming the strikes, the official did not provide any further details.

DW, which published the information on its Russian-language and Ukrainian-language websites, says that it has lodged an official query about the use of ballistic missiles with Pentagon, but has so far received no answer.

Most experts thought that the likely weapon involved in shelling the militants, who have been retreating in the face of an intensifying government offensive, was the OTR-21 Tochka.

The Soviet-era weapon, NATO reporting name SS-21 Scarab, the newest modification of which has a range of up to 185 kilometers, with a warhead that contains up to 500 kilograms of explosive materials. It is not a high-precision weapon, and has an accuracy radius of about 70 meters at best.

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