Anti-govt protesters rally in Kiev as Poroshenko calls on PM Yatsenyuk to resign

Anti-govt protesters rally in Kiev as Poroshenko calls on PM Yatsenyuk to resign
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16 February 2016
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Protesters have been rallying in front of the parliament calling for the PM to stand down.

To restore confidence in government the president urged the Attorney General and PM to resign,” said Svyatoslav Tsegolko on his Twitter account.

Earlier on Tuesday, Poroshenko met with Shokin and suggested that he resign, according to the presidential website.

"The same parameters should be applied to the government also ... society has clearly decided that there have been more mistakes than achievements, and denied ministers its trust,” the president said.

The Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian parliament) is expected to hold a no-confidence vote soon as the draft of the motion has already been posted on the parliamentary website. At least 226 lawmakers out of 450 must support it for the vote to pass.

Yatsenyuk said he would accept any decision made by the Rada.

Meanwhile, hundreds protesters gathered in front of the Ukrainian parliament to call for the prime minister’s resignation.

Protesters shouted slogans including “Sack Yatsenyuk” while holding placards with anti-government messages and hitting metal barrels.

The demonstrators also made a stuffed dummy of Yatsenyuk’s face, rabbit ears and a sign reading "Senya" (short for Arseniy).

Many of the demonstrators were carrying flags of the far-right Svoboda party and the nationalist Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO) as seen in the photos and videos from the scene.

One of the popular slogans at the protest was “Yatsenyuk to the scaffold,” according to the local Federal News Agency. It also reported that the protesters brought animal cages with rabbits to the demo and put up signs saying “Put rabbits in a cage, not in the cabinet.”

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