Hungarian police use tear gas, water cannon on refugees at border – media reports

Hungarian police use tear gas, water cannon on refugees at border – media reports
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16 September 2015
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Police have been reportedly trying to control the crowd, who were throwing plastic bottles, stones and concrete at them. Thick black smoke is covering the area, as seen in the videos.

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now. Migrants are being sprayed with tear gas and water canons.

Hungarian police told Reuters that several “aggressive” people had managed to break through the border gates.

"Police are taking lawful and proportionate measures to protect the Hungarian state border and the external frontier of the European Union," law enforcers said in a statement.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has asked Serbia to act against asylum seekers on the Hungarian-Serbian border, Reuters said citing local TV.

"A group of very aggressive migrants is persistently attacking Hungarian police with rocks and pieces of concrete," Szijjarto said. "This attack is coming from Serbian territory. Therefore, I firmly asked my Serbian colleague to call on Serbian authorities to act immediately against this aggressive group of migrants."

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Heavy use of tear gas now to disperse crowd at border gate.

Hungarian authorities are struggling to deal with massive influx of asylum seekers. On Monday, they finished erecting razor wire fences along the border. An apocalyptic-looking train wagon with razor wire attached at the front was used to seal a railway passage near the village of Roszke. This blocked off the last crossing point with Serbia except for official road checkpoints.

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And water cannon too.

On Tuesday, Hungary decided to declare a crisis in two southern counties due to the influx of asylum seekers. According to Gyorgy Bakondi, head of the national disaster unit, the border zone in these counties would be extended to 60 meters from 10 meters.

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"This can serve to temporarily place persons seeking refugee or protected status as well as to process asylum claims and alien registration procedures," he said.

Later, police data showed that only 366 asylum seekers had been rounded up by Hungarian police on Tuesday. On Monday at least 9,380 were rounded up by Hungarian police.

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