Houthis Bombs Aramco Oil Field in New Attack on Saudi Arabia

Houthis Bombs Aramco Oil Field in New Attack on Saudi Arabia
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29 January 2020
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The Houthis said they will resume their attacks against Saudi Arabia in response to their continued aggression against the Yemeni people. 

The Houthis Movement announced Wednesday that their forces bombed multiple sites belonging to the Saudi government, including the Aramco oil fields in the Kingdom's Jizan province. 

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According to a statement released by the Houthis-affiliated Masirah TV, the group bombed the Aramco oil fields in Jizan, along with the municipal airports in Jizan and Abha. They also mentioned bombing the Khamis Mushait Base, which is located north of the Yemeni border. 

This attack by the Houthis on Wednesday was reportedly carried out by their large arsenal of drones and missiles, which they have used against both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on several occasions in the past. 

The Saudi Ministry of Defense has yet to comment on this latest attack by the Houthis; however, if the Yemeni group did strike these sites, it will raise questions about the effectiveness of the Kingdom's air defenses. 

Last year, the Houthis carried out a much larger attack on the Saudi Aramco oil fields, causing significant damage to the site and prompting the Kingdom, along with the U.S. and GCC states, to accuse Iran of being behind the strikes. 

The Houthis have been involved in a nearly four-year-long civil war in Yemen to oust President Abd Rubbah Mansour Hadi from office. The Houthis have captured almost all of the northwestern part of the country, along with several areas in western Yemen.

The Yemeni government forces have attempted to retake these lost areas, but they have been unable to break into the Houthis strongholds.

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