British Ambassador critical of the Trump Government Resigns

British Ambassador critical of the Trump Government Resigns
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10 July 2019
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London, July 10 (Prensa Latina) The ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United States, Kim Darroch, resigned today, after the controversy unleashed by the leak of messages in which he launched strong criticism of the government of President Donald Trump.

The diplomat, who described Trump as stupid, crazy and pompous, submitted his resignation in a letter sent Wednesday to the permanent Undersecretary of the British Foreign Ministry, Simon McDonald.

According to Darroch's letter, since the filtering of official documents in which he evaluated the US administration as inept and dysfunctional, among other qualifiers, there has been much speculation about his position and his tenure at the head of the embassy.

The current situation makes it impossible for me to continue carrying out my work as I would like, added the ambassador, of whom Trump even said he would never talk to him.

After the incident, British authorities initiated an investigation to find the author of the leaked messages, and defended the frankness of his representative in Washington, considering that he was only doing his job.

On Wednesday, outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May backed Darroch at the start of her traditional weekly appearance before the House of Commons.

We regret that you have felt the need to leave your post, said the conservative president, adding that the country had a 'huge debt of gratitude' with the diplomat.

May, who will leave office on July 23, also encouraged public officials to continue giving their advice with frankness.

For his part, the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, the Labor Jeremy Corbyn, also lamented the resignation of the British ambassador, and urged the rest of the deputies to express regret for the news.

The day before, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who competes with former Chancellor Boris Johnson for being the relief of the prime minister, considered disrespectful the qualifications launched by Trump, and during a televised debate with his rival promised that if elected he would keep Darroch in his Market Stall.

Johnson, however, refused to answer about the fate of the ambassador under his eventual government, and merely said that as prime minister he would make important and politically sensitive decisions about who would be the representative of the United Kingdom before the United States.

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