US Survey: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Eight Points

US Survey: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Eight Points
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25 August 2016
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The Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections in November, Hillary Clinton, is eight points ahead (50-42 percent) of her Republican rival, Donald Trump, at the national level, as revealed by a survey published today.

The survey, conducted by NBC News and the consulting firm Survey Monkey Election Online, showed that 87 percent of black voters prefer the former Secretary of State, and just eight percent the real estate mogul.

Moreover, 73 percent of Latino voters said they support the candidate of the blue party, while 22 support Trump.

Among the likely white voters, Trump is nine points ahead of Clinton (50-41). Sixty-five percent of respondents believe that race relations in the United States have worsened in recent years.

According to the survey average published by the website RealClearPolitics, the Democratic candidate has a lead of 5.5 points over Trump nationwide, and is ahead of him in several key states.

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